Hair Extensions in the News

While most of us wouldn't consider hair extensions to be a particularly news-worthy subject, on occasion articles and stories related to hair extensions do make it into news reports and updates. For example, anybody who has complained about the high cost of many natural hair extensions can relate to the recent news story about Atlanta thieves robbing a salon for high-value hair extensions. The break-in was estimated to have netted $30,000 worth of the light, easy to carry hair extensions that were targeted. Additional robberies have been reported in Louisiana and Texas. The high value and ease of resale of most hair extensions appears to make them attractive targets for thieves, and salons with expensive hair extension inventory should be cautious.

In a surprising twist, it seems that fishermen are not too happy about the hair extension craze. Apparently, insatiable demand for feather hair extensions has resulted in a shortage of particular types of feathers that are mostly used in fishing lures, as salons and hair extension manufacturers buy up all the inventory of these feathers, resulting in high prices and shortages of these feathers. The feather hair extension has been driven partly by new American Idol Judge Steven Tyler's new look when appearing on the popular network TV show wearing his trademark brightly-colored feather extensions.

And, lest anyone forget America's most infamous spoiled heiress, it appears that recently Paris Hilton was sued for using a competitor's extensions, when she was under contract to promote a different brand of hair extension.

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