Hair Extensions

The term "hair extensions" is used to describe any method of adding non-natural hair to a person's own hair to make it longer. These extensions are also sometimes referred to as artificial hair integrations, or more commonly, hair weaves.The extension may be made up of human hair from another person, or artificial hair fibers that look like natural hair. The hair extensions are usually woven or otherwise attached to the natural hair to appear natural. They can be made from a variety of synthetic ingredients, which are much cheaper than actual human hair extensions, and can be dyed to mimic the user's natural hair color.

While hair extensions can be used to conceal lost hair or thinning hair, they are separate from wigs or toupees in that they are attached to the user's existing hair, extending its length.They are not permanent, and usually need to be maintained or replaced over time. Different methods of attaching the hair extensions, from clips to weaving and even adhesives, have different maintenance requirements. Most hair extensions are applied by trained cosmetologists.