Where to Purchase Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be purchased online from a variety of online hair extension retailers, but are more commonly purchased directly from hair dressers or salons that actually attach them. While lower prices for hair extensions could like be found online than would be seen in a local hair salon, purchasing the actual physical hair extension is only part of the process; it still needs to be attached to the natural hair. Since most people need a professional hair dresser or salon to integrate the hair extension with their own hair, they often purchase directly from that salon.

That's not to say you are going to get the best price on hair extensions by purchasing from your local salon. The convenience factor of purchasing locally is nice, you can physically touch and see the hair extensions (especially important if you are trying to color match it to your own natural hair), and not having to wait or pay for shipping is certainly nice, but you probably aren't going to save as much as you would ordering hair extensions online. The costs of keeping a brick-and-mortar local salon or hair extension store open are much higher than the costs incurred by an online extension store. Large bulk stores like you would find on eBay or Amazon are going to have a purchasing power and selection that is going to be unmatched by any local store, no matter how big the city you live in. For some, the savings outweigh the convenience, especially if they already know the exact color and model of the hair extensions they need because they have ordered previously.

What are some of your favorite places to order your hair extensions?