Where to Purchase Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be purchased online from a variety of online hair extension retailers, but are more commonly purchased directly from hair dressers or salons that actually attach them. While lower prices for hair extensions could like be found online than would be seen in a local hair salon, purchasing the actual physical hair extension is only part of the process; it still needs to be attached to the natural hair. Since most people need a professional hair dresser or salon to integrate the hair extension with their own hair, they often purchase directly from that professional. In some instances, salons will only attach hair extensions that have been purchased directly from them. Whether that is so they can assure consistent quality and make sure sure the extensions are kinds that they have experience working with, or just to ensure that they make a profit on the resell of those hair extensions, may vary between different businesses.

Certain types of hair extensions, called clip-in or clip-on hair extensions, do not require a professional to attach them to existing hair. These types are much more popular to be purchased online or from a retail store, because no particular expertise of a hairdresser or salon is required to use them. These hair extensions are more commonly purchased online than those that require professional attachment. Since they can be attached by any layperson, they often do not last as long as professional-integrated hair extensions, and many people prefer not to use these types of clip-on extensions because they do not look as natural and are more easily recognized as being extensions instead of natural hair.